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Dash Red Egg Cooker

The dash red egg cooker is the perfect way to bring your eggs to the next level. This kitchenaid k43929 has all the features you need to make the most perfect eggs, without all the hassle. The oven is large enough to fit large eggs, and the stovetop will cook your eggs without ever needing to leave the oven. This kitchenaid k43929 is sure to make your eggs to perfection.

K43929 Dash Deluxe EGG COOKER

K43929 Dash Deluxe EGG COOKER


USD $13.99

Discount Dash Red Egg Cooker Price

This is a great electric dasher that can poach eggs in minutes. The dasher has six eggs steamer and rapid automatic valve, so you can cook up your eggs in a hurry. The black design means that you can use this to poach eggs in a bowl or steamer. The dasher comes with a black egg cooker, but you can also find it with a black steamer.
the dash rapid egg cooker is a new dash rapid egg cooker with auto shut off feature. It has a quick and easy-to-use process to make eggs without any hassle. Plus, the fast and easy setup will help you get to work.
the dash red egg cooker is a great tool for cooking eggs. This tool comes with an electric dasher poacher 6 eggs steamer and a automatic boiler black. The poacher can be used to cook an open or closed egg dish, and the automatic boiler can fry, simmer or cook an egg. The black tool makes it easy to clean and like to have many tools at your disposal.